Saturday, 18 November 2017


Assurance Services

We provide a variety of assurance services to our clients, which include external audit, interim audit, internal audit, due diligence and computer audit.

Financial Management Services

To assist our clients in the management of their financial affairs, we provide services such as systems design and implementations, project appraisal, cash flow projections, budget reviews, business valuation, asset verification and other corporate financial advisory matters.


We specialise in all taxation aspects for corporates and individuals. Our services are aimed at helping our clients in tax planning matters, Zimra returns, tax computations for individuals and companies, taxation reviews.


We have various services that assist our clients in managing their accounting functions, these include financial accounting support, payroll support and design, implementation and review of policy and procedures manuals.


For clients who require special assignments, we specialise in fraud investigation, money laundering, misappropriation of assets, investigating business disputes, bank fraud, specification investigations, loss of revenue, partnership and joint venture disputes.

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