Sunday, 28 May 2017


Sahara Chartered Certified Accountants provides the highest level of assurance services that include investigative audits, compliance and financial statements audits.

The firm provides and/or recommend advice for management best practices surrounding internal controls and updates on regulatory issues through our report to management letter.

A limited assurance service issued after enquiries with management and staff and analysis done on the financial statements.

Financial statements are compiled to represent the financial position as given by the management. No expression of opinion or assurance issued on financial statements compilation.

Agreed-Upon Procedures
The service done to check the compliance with the set laid down operating parameters. A report on the findings is issued, no opinion is expressed.

Internal Control Review
Review of the internal control structure, checking the effectiveness of the controls through performing walk-through tests and compliance to the internal control policies. A report of findings and management recommendations is issued.

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